History 2010


Open house at the factory attracts a record audience

The celebrations of Ponsse’s 40th anniversary continued with an open house at the factory on Friday 13 August 2010. The sunny day attracted approximately 1000 visitors to get acquainted with the factory and Ponsse people. The Martha organisation prepared 1500 pancakes in the steaming hot weather, and the factory tours and logging demonstrations were crowded. 


We were delighted to see that many families with children took part in the day. The pony ride and the pedal car track, in particular, were big hits with the young ones. The simulator also proved popular, with long lines all day. Nine-year-old Antti Säisä was one of the many Ponsse people putting in long hours during the day. Antti worked as a trainer for the simulator, instructing the young machine enthusiasts in how to use the simulator. Antti had been eagerly practicing the use of the simulator during the summer. “I had never driven a harvester simulator before this summer, but I have driven a real harvester, “ Antti explains.

40th anniversary celebrated with 1700 guests

Ponsse’s 40th anniversary was celebrated in a relaxing atmosphere in the spirit of the 1970s at Einari’s home farm in Mäkelä, Vieremä. The atmosphere was warm and friendly.

Speeches were given by Juho Nummela, President and CEO, and Seppo Kääriäinen, Deputy Speaker of Parliament. Ismo Apell, who acted as a presenter, interviewed Einari and Jouko Kelppe, the first ever engineer at Ponsse. Jaakko Teppo was also seen at the site. Jamppa Kääriäinen, Kaukolasipartio, Agents and Paula Koivuniemi took care of the evening’s entertainment.


During the party, the winner of the sideburn competition was also selected. The finalists came to the stage and Marita Kelppe, the former hostess of the Ponsse Club, selected the winner. The competition was indeed hairy, but in the end Petteri Härkönen’s bushy ‘burns took home first prize.

The 7,000th PONSSE forest machine

The 7,000th PONSSE forest machine was manufactured at the Ponsse Vieremä factory on Friday, 27 August 2010. Koneyhtymä Randelin Oy received the new PONSSE Ergo 8 w harvester at the FinnMETKO Trade Fair on Friday, 3 September. The machine has equipped with gold-plated exhaust pipe.

Einari Vidgrén has passed away

Einari Vidgrén, the founder of Ponsse Plc and Chairman of the Board of Directors, passed away suddenly at the age of 67 years on 26 October 2010. The Board of Directors of Ponsse Plc reorganised due to the sudden loss of the chairman. Juha Vidgrén was unanimously elected as the new chairman of the Board. Jarmo Vidgrén acts as the company's sales and marketing director, Janne Vidgrén as area director in Central Europe, and Jukka Vidgrén as a member of the Board of Directors. The family Vidgrén is the company's primary shareholder with its share ownership of more than 60%.

The values and operating methods set up by Einari Vidgrén for Ponsse lay a strong foundation and a firm set of values for the company's operations, also in the future.

History 2011


The Kajaani-based unit of Epec Oy is transferred to Ponsse Plc

The Kajaani-based forest machine application and product development unit of Epec Oy, a subsidiary of Ponsse, is transferred to Ponsse Plc, enabling an even stronger development of information system products for PONSSE forest machines.

History 2012


The 8,000th PONSSE forest machine

PONSSE forest machine number 8,000 was manufactured at the Vieremä factory on 6 February 2012. Wood Roack & Roads AB, a Swedish harvesting company, receives the new PONSSE Ergo 8w at the factory.

Model Series 2012

Ponsse presents its Model Series 2012 at the FinnMETKO exhibition, introducing new easy-to-maintain frames and the new PONSSE Comfort user interface.   

Upgraded Service centres

Upgraded service centres are opened in Tampere and Mikkeli.

President visits Ponsse

Sauli Niinistö, President of Finland, visits Ponsse.

Ponsse Ladies

Ponsse Ladies is established in Sweden.

The new PONSSE ElephantKing

PONSSE ElephantKing, the new 20-ton load bearing category in forwarders.

History 2013


A new logistics centre

A new logistics centre in Iisalmi.

New service centers

New service centers are built in Pitkäranta in Russia and in Laukaa in the Jyväskylä region.

The new PONSSE Scorpion

The whole new PONSSE Scorpion harvester is introduced at the Wood Elmia exhibition in Sweden.

History 2014


Model Series 2015

Ponsse launches Model Series 2015, where the focus is on efficiency, structural endurance and ease of maintenance and use. The new EU Stage IV engine technology and the improved hydraulics have enabled extending the service intervals from 600/1,200 hours to 900/1,800 hours.  The model series also includes the new PONSSE Buffalo ActiveFrame cabin suspension system for forwarders.

History 2015


10,000th PONSSE machine

Ponsse's 10,000th forest machine was handed over to Karttulan Metsätyö on 31 January.