Ponsse values are reflected in our sponsorships

Sponsorships are two-way collaboration with the object of benefiting both parties. Therefore, Ponsse chooses sponsorship beneficiaries representing sports and cultural life that are important to forest workers and our other major stakeholders.

At Ponsse, we believe that sponsorships work best when our partners share similar values with us. The entrepreneurial spirit is something we emphasise in our operations, and we would like to create long-term relationships with entrepreneurial bodies in our sponsorship activities, too.

Tero Pitkämäki - short

Tero Pitkämäki

A Finnish javelin thrower

Born 19 December 1982 in Ilmajoki

He is a member of the Seinäjoen Seudun Urheilijat team. His trainer is Hannu Kangas.

Pitkämäki was 10 years old when he threw a javelin for the first time. At his first athletics competitions Pitkämäki took part in all the events, winning in the javelin, which made his choice of event easy. Pitkämäki started to compete seriously five years later when he decided to stop skiing, which, until then, he considered his main sport.

Ponsse has sponsored Tero Pitkämäki since 2004, and he has become a member of the world’s elite javelin throwers during this time. His best accomplishments to date include the Olympic bronze medal in Beijing in 2008, a World Championship gold medal in Osaka in 2007 and a World Championship silver medal in Moscow in 2013. He has an extensive competition history and also has tree European Championship medals: silver and two bronze medals. Tero has won many Finnish Championship medals, including six gold medals.


KalPa - short


A Finnish ice hockey team

KalPa is an ice hockey team in the Liiga, the highest national league in Finland.

Ponsse started sponsoring KalPa in 2004 when the team was in Mestis, the second-highest national league. The goal of this long-term cooperation was that a team from the Savo region would make it to the SM-liiga. Having won the Mestis championship, KalPa was ready to go to the elite league. The cooperation endured hard and challenging years as the bottom team in Liiga – already at that time it was understood that to succeed in ice hockey, you first need to make an effort through developing junior players.

The shared yellow/black colours of KalPa and Ponsse are now a part of the cutting edge of the Finnish ice hockey league.


Iivo Niskanen - short

Iivo Niskanen

A Finnish cross-country skier

Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu
A member of the Finnish national skiing team
Date of birth: 12 January 1992

Iivo Niskanen, age 22, has enjoyed skiing since he was a little boy, and he used to ski to school. His sister, Kerttu, inspired him to start competitive skiing.

"I have always been the most successful at skiing and my focus has always been on this sport. Even when I was young, I dreamed of the highest accomplishment, and still do so."

His best accomplishments to date include the Golden metal in Sochi Olympics 2014 (team skiing classic), Golden metal in World Ski Championships in Lahti, Finland 2017 (15km classic) and Golden metal in in Pyeongchang Olympics 2018 (50km classic).

Kerttu Niskanen - short

Kerttu Niskanen

A Finnish cross-country skier

Vieremän Koitto

A member of the Finnish National A Team
Date of birth: 13 June 1988

Kerttu took her first World Cup victory at a Tour de Ski competition in Lenzerheide on 1 January 2014. The competition was a 10 km Classic, where all participants started skiing at the same time.

Her best accomplishments to date include two silver in Sochi Olympics 2014 (W cross-country team sprint classic & 4x5 km, 2 classic + 2 free) and golden medals in the Junior World Championships (W23, sprint, classic in 2011 and W23, 10 km classic in 2010). Kerttu has also won many Finnish Championship medals.

At present, competition in the national team is tough – a fact that motivates Kerttu to train even harder.
"The national team now includes seven women who are competing for a chance to participate in the World Cup races. You have to work very hard throughout the season to earn your place in the Cup events."

Antti Siltala - short

Antti Siltala

A Finnish volleyball player

Date of birth: 14 March 1984

Antti Siltala is a volleyball player originally hailing from Vieremä. He started his career in the volleyball club Vieremän lentopallo -92. He has been a professional volleyball player for several years in Finland, France, Belgium, Greece, Turkey and Poland. Antti has been a member of the Finnish national volleyball team since 2005.

Esapekka Lappi short

Esapekka Lappi

A Finnish rally driver

Pieksämäen UA
2. driver Janne Ferm

Robert Ven short

Robert Ven

A Finnish rower

Born: 23 August 1990
Club: Hämeenlinnan soutajat

Robert Ven from Hämeenlinna is the third generation of rower from his family. His parents and grandparents represented Finland at international competitions. Robert has "rowing genes" in his blood and  is a member of the Finnish national rowing team.


Rene Rinnekangaas short

Rene Rinnekangas

A Finnish snowboarder