1.1 Satamähenkilökunnalle

1.1 Instructions for transporting the machine at the port

1.1.1 For port personnel

The harvester is transported to the port in its transportation position: the harvester head is fastened with fastening chains to the equipment box or lifting boom and the steps are fastened to the up position.


7 Steps fastened to the up position using a linchpin
8 The linchpin is stored under the cover



If the steps are down and/or unfastened, lift and fasten them
before driving the machine to the ship.
Be aware of steps that are moving up/down. When the engine
is switched off, unfastened steps are lowered automatically.
If the machine needs auxiliary starting current, contact a
PONSSE service (see Contact Information above).
If the machine is stored in the open, the exhaust pipe head
must be protected so that water, snow, dirt, etc., cannot enter
the exhaust pipe.



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1.1.2 Lifting and fastening the machine for transportation Lifting themachine (picture on previous page)

Before lifting the machine, make sure that
● the harvester head is fastened with the fastening chains (1) from the saw box lugs to the equipment box lugs or the lifting boom lugs
● the steering joint is locked with the transportation support (2)
● the steps are fastened to the up position.

When lifting the machine, only use designated lifting accessories that have a sufficiently high lifting capacity and are in good condition, and use the lifting accessories in accordance with the related instructions. Make sure that the lifting accessories are not chafed or pressed against sharp edges. Always take special care when lifting the machine.

1. Tie lifting slings (3) around the front and rear axles. The slings must be supported so that they do not press on the cabin.

2. Perform a short test lift first to make sure that the machine is in balance and the lifting accessories are fastened appropriately. Then perform the actual lift. Fastening the machine for transportation (picture on previous page)

1. Make sure that the machine is in the transportation position (see the previous section).
2. Lower the crane until the boom head touches the transport base. The harvester head remains supported by the fastening chains.
3. Attach the fastening cables/chains/slings, etc. 4) crosswise from the front and rear of the machine and the middle pivot.
4. Place wedges (5) in front of and behind the tyres.