Training solutions

Training solutions

Best training solutions around the world!

Ponsse is supporting its partners by offering wide range of global training solutions for all mandatory professions (to serve Ponsse customers) utilizing different kind of training methods e.g. face-to-face training, simulator training or online training(eLearning, MS Teams)

We offer different kinds of tailored training solutions to all professionals related to the forestry - focusing to cut-to-length (CTL) -method. 

We offer tailored trainings for example to operator trainers, mechanics, spare part persons and drivers.

Continuous development of competence is very important for us and our partners - we always want to offer the best training solutions around the world!

Customers & operators:

  • Delivery training – a guidance for efficient machine use
  • Operator training – new operators, pro operators (e.g. to optimize fuel consumption)
  • Supervisor training – operation planning, apteering & optimization

Ponsse’s employees & partners

  • Sales training - right product to right environment
  • Service training – high technical utilization rate
  • Spare part training – right parts in right time for customers




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